A Night with
Riley Gaines

River Spirit Casino, Feb 9th, 2024


Our Mission

“Women for Tulsa will strive to make Tulsa a better place to live, work, and raise a family: by being actively involved in Tulsa City Council, Tulsa Public School Board, General Elections, Mayor’s office, policies, and other initiatives that serve to advance Tulsa. Women for Tulsa will advocate for candidates and policies that serve Tulsa families, promote safety, demand excellence in Tulsa Public Schools, support a pro-business climate, and pursue Constitutional liberty.”

The purpose and goals of WFT are to strengthen women’s active participation in the political process, to increase the number of people who reflect WFT mission statement goals in elected and appointed positions and initiatives, and to foster open conversation among members and the public. As a member of WFT, all members are expected to be actively involved in one of the following committees:

Women for Tulsa is a grass roots movement that focuses on local elections and policies that affect Tulsa.

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